Frequently Asked

The App is free to download and try. If you decide to become a member, you receive one drink a day for CHF 29.90 a month, it’s like the price of two cocktails.

We partner with top bars and restaurants around Switzerland. Currently we are live in 3 cities, and we are constantly expanding.

As soon as you activate the subscription on the app, you’re good to go. Immediately.

You get One Drink Every Day. You select the venue, but once you redeem your drink for the day, you cannot get another one until the next day. But you can come back to the same venue the next day, or be adventurous and try something new, up to you.

Skwoll was founded by a group of friends with extensive knowledge and background in nightlife, business and tech.

Easy. Go in the App and click Cancel Subscription under Plans & Billing from the main menu and follow the instructions, or you may open a cancellation ticket by e-mailing Deleting the App itself does NOT automatically unsubscribe you.

Skwoll encourages drinking socially but never irresponsibly. Here are some sites to visit: