Fx Generator


Lets Face it. We all want to be wealthy.

There are only two ways to make money.

  • Work for your money – This is what the middle and lower class do
  • Have your money work for you – This is what the upper class do and its why they often pay less taxes

At The Fx Generator we have created an innovative system for creating Wealth. It's Innovative and cutting edge in a way not done before.

Watch the video below to learn an overview of how the Fx Generator works

We combine three Unique Industries

  • The existing 5.4 Trillion Dollar traded daily International Forex Market
  • Expert Traders who have put in the time to understand the market and risk management to get consistent results
  • The software and cloud technology for the seamless distribution of their trading information instantaneously to multiple brokerage accounts anywhere in the world

To learn the details of the Fx Generator watch the next video

Our technology provides the best of both worlds

  • You have the ability to instantly add or remove funds anytime
  • You have the ability to change the risk settings
  • You don’t have to have the expertise to place the trades
  • No one has access to your account but you
  • You can turn the Fx Generator system off anytime



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I have known Mark for about 10 years, I have seen his desire and passion to help other people. So when Mark called to talk to me about The Fx Generator I was definitely interested in hearing what it was all about. I have never been one to do a lot of investing, but when Mark explained the possibilities that this could generate I thought to myself, if Mark has invested his time and money in this and is just wanting to share it with me I had to trust him. I am so glad I did. Mark and The Fx Generator has come through with 20% growth every month, with a total of 59.19% growth on my financial investment. Thanks Mark, I know you will help a lot of families with this.




Mike Brammeier June 1, 2017